#HASHTAG for WordPress

Improve content relation with #hashtag words


This demonstration is a simple blog post of different artist bio. Some words are present over the posts. The #Hashtag plugin for wordpress let you play with words and make better relations between your post.


Kyuss+In+The+DesertThe band was originally formed in 1989 in Palm Desert, #California4 under the name Sons of Kyuss. Is the corner stone of what is known as #StonerRock3. Although deriving influence from 60s-70s hard rock, Kyuss churned out a unique sound. This was primarily because guitarist Josh Homme often tuned to a low C, a major third below standard pitch, but also singer John Garcia’s paint stripping vocals. They took the band name from a monster in Dungeons and Dragons. Shortly after the release of their self-titled EP, the name was shortened to just Kyuss. The group #disbanded2 in 1997. They felt that they were in a decline and felt it best to call it quits before it escalated into something that could not be fixed.