The #Hashtag ChangeLog & Next Features

Next Features

- Order system for the hashtag page items.

- Order hastag in panel (by date, aphabetical, count).

- Force display count in hashtag panel

- Hashtag could widget.

- System based on the "@" character (target directly to post).

- Scan editor content to find existing hashtag and make adding porpose.

- Allow in comments. and avatar as preview or default image


#Hashtag v.2.2 – Bugs Fixes

* Sentence preview detection of the current #Hashtag (multilingual bug fix)

#Hashtag v2.1 – Bugs fixes

* Javascript hash navigation compatibility ( e.g. #read-more #page1 #page2 )

#HASHTAG v2.0 – feature release & Bugs Fixes

* #Hashtag automatic.

* character compatibility (chinese, arabic, …)

* history navigation with javascript hash.

* hashtag dashboard for statistics.

* Debug thumbnail generation from image file name with special character.

* Debug usort function error on linux servers.

* Change class name of Mobile_Detect for plugins compatibility.

* New General Option to adding the # character by javascript for more SEO-friendly.

* Use hyphen or space in #Hashtags.

* Replace hyphen by space on site.

#HASHTAG v1.0 – Initial release