The #Hashtag plugin has many options to make it like you want.

Minimum Occurrences

Defines the minimum number of occurrences required to display #hashtag links in the content.

#hashtag or Keyword ?

You can remove the # character on your site if you prefere a simple keyword system.

Navigate in Lightbox or by url

Load the #Hashtag Page in a lightbox via ajax or use a classic url navigation. You can set if the lightbox is enabled on computer, tablet or/and mobile

Thumbnail Effects

Activate the Hashtag thumbnail generator to optimize and add effects to the thumbnail image of your posts. The plugin uses by default the Featured Image of the post (or the first image in the content in case no Featured Image exists) to generate the thumbnail image.

active #Hashtag where you want

Defines in which part of your site (posts, pages or specific post-type) the #hashtag system is enabled.

Use plugin Templates or create yours

Select Plugin to use the preset page’s template with its associated options in the appearance menu; or select Theme to use the default archive.php template of your theme or add taxonomy-hashtag-plugin.php file (sample to be found in the #Hashtag plugin folder under templates/taxonomy-hashtag/theme/taxonomy-hashtag-plugin.php).

Change the #Hashtag Link

Defines the slug’s name of the #hashtag pages. (

Wrap the Preview Sentence

The plugin detect the sentence of the hashtag #word to make the preview resume. It’s the short text content appearing for each items on the #Hashtag Page. You can add text or characters to be displayed before and after the #hashtag sentence.

Better with #Hashtag

Disables the default post tag system of WordPress.

Hide current post on page

On #Hashtag Page result, you can hide the post from which you came.