The Hashtag Plugin has a powerfull style & layout system ! Right, you lovely integrate in your website theme. Try any presets, create yours or check in support page if a preset exist for your theme !  

Customize the #Hashtag Word Style

You can customize the #hashtag Word Link with Color, Font, Border, Radius, PaddingMargin, and more… For the default state, the mouse-over state and the active state. Additionaly, you can customize the hashtags count label with the same options.

Customize the #Hashtag Page style

The #hashtag Page consists of three parts: the global page, the panel and post preview item. You can customize ColorFontBorderRadiusPadding, Margin, Width, Height, and more… for each.

Edit The Item Layout

Edit the #Hashtag items layout. You can add, remove and sort any parts, Thumbnails, Title, Sentence, Related and Link.

Use Items Masonry

Masonry is the perfect layout to displaying all the related #Hashtags, use fix or fluid layout, left, align or centred or totally disabled the masonry plugin.

Define the Panel Postion

The panel is the part displaying the current #hashtag, and the others related #Hashtag. You can place it with post items, wrap items, on top, absolute left, absolute right or simply hide.

CSS3 Animation with jQuery callback

Animate the page, panel and items with a compatibility secure. Fade, Slide, Zoom, Flip with delay between each item.